Special Programs

Special Programs


Algebra 4 All / Ms. Kilgore



What is the goal? 
All students will complete algebra no later than 9th grade, enabling them to reach more advanced math courses in high school and better preparing them for college and careers. By 2022, all students will have access to an algebra course in 8th grade, and to academic supports in elementary and middle school to ensure greater algebra readiness. 

What will we see this school year? 
Over 400 teachers from 5th to 10th grade will return to their classrooms across the city this September with expanded expertise in math instruction and strategies. 67 elementary schools are departmentalizing to ensure a specialized math teacher is helping students toward the goal of algebra for all. 

Chess Club / Mr. Schnee


CDOS (Career Development and Occupational Studies) /



College Summit / Mr. Herring

Program Info https://www.peerforward.org/


COSA (Chairman of Student Affairs) / Mr. Schuldenfrei or Mr. Herring


Debate Team / Mr. Lozzi


Green Team / Ms. Sarmiento


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Pencil / Mr. Fryer

Info https://pencil.org/programs/


SYEP (Summer Youth Employment Program)